John Raynard - The Painter and The Poet




The Giants

Close to Newfoundland. Icebergs and whales go together. Like strawberries and cream.

Medium Acrylic

Size 11 1/2" x 15 1/2"

Price $250


Fall in Haliburton Highlands

This painting depicts a bend in the road on Ontario Hwy 118, as it runs along Grass Lake, from Carnarvon to West Gilford.

Medium Acrylic

Size 10" x 14"

Price $300


Ontario Northland

Drive along Hwy 17, in northern Ontario, near Marathon, and this is what you'll see. All along the way. Beautiful!

Medium Acrylic

Size 24" x 18"

Price $350


Autumn leaves make the forests look grand
Soon, dry brown wood will cover the land
Circled by evergreens in a stand
Of trees. With trunks the colour of sand.
Is this the end of the beginning
Perhaps, in life's game the first inning.
When snowbirds take their songs south to sing
Some by automobile, some by wing.
Others stay with their feet on the ground
Snowy and white with ice all around
Be careful or you'll need ultrasound
And they'll say your fracture is compound.
Copyright  John A. Raynard October 9, 2004.