John Raynard - The Painter and The Poet




The Common Terns

Sit in a couple of easy chairs at the Ajax waterfront, during summertime, and watch the birds fly by. Sometimes the wind causes the waves to hit the shore in a crescendo of noise.

Medium Acrylic Size 14" x 12"

Price $250


Distance Lends Enchantment to the View

This was the favourite dictum of John's Mother ! The distant, undulating hills act as a backdrop to the nursing mother and child. The simple bench and wooden fence seem to separate the two scenes. This painting (which Louise suggested be entitled "The First Supper") hangs on a wall adjacent to "The Last Supper", a painting by John's Dad completed in 1946.

Medium Acrylic Size 18" x 14"

Price $400


The Ghost of Claude

John drove his childhood friend, Claude, and his wife (residents of the United Kingdom) to admire the Ajax waterfront. He photographed them as they stood on the sandy shore near the Rotary Pavilion. They were to fly back home the next day. However, Claude died that evening. When John printed the photograph, he saw the single bird in the sky which he had not noticed when taking the photograph. The painting commemorates John's old friend, with the bird - soaring high and free - representing The Ghost of Claude.

Medium Acrylic Size 24" x 36"

Price $360


Like ships in the night we meander like passers by
Lights twinkling aboard like fireflies in the sky
We speak not a word, neither "hello" nor "goodbye"
Like strangers on the ocean of life, sailing by
We look straight ahead silently.  Perhaps we're shy ?
Like ships at night we quietly pass each other by
Not wanting to intrude in each other's space, but why ?
Afraid of interaction we don't see eye to eye.

Copyright © 2006 John A. Raynard
March 2, 2006