Everybody Is A Hero

Ask anybody and they will not deny
Everybody is a hero in somebody else's eye
Children will look up to their parents and this will justify
That humans require symbols with which to identify

Our fathers and our mothers fill an early role
We often place them on pedestals like idols with a soul
They assist us in our endeavours and teach us self-control
To navigate life's waters and avoid any rocky shoal

Everybody is somebody's hero, even when you are grown
They will help you from long distance and even by telephone
They'll alleviate your aches and pains and keep you in the zone
And also give you confidence so that you can act alone

Everybody is a hero in somebody else's fame
Renowned men and women often use someone else's acclaim
There's always someone in the backroom who sets alight your name
To enable you to score the goal that wins the final game.

Copyright 2005 John A. Raynard
June 23, 2005