John Raynard - The Painter and The Poet




Northern Lights

Louise and John viewed the Aurora Borealis one August night in the Kananaskis area of Alberta - where the Rocky Mountains start to rise and where John's daughter was married. Medium Acrylic ?? Size 11 1/2" x 8" Price $240


Swift River



The Saskatchewan River flows swiftly - not far from Brandon, Manitoba.

Medium Acrylic

Size 20" x 26"

Price $500


The Journey

My God lives across the ocean
Of a thousand galaxies
Where a myriad stars twinkle
From above and beyond -
Beyond my contemplation
As an eternal traveller in space.
Timeless and forever.
Having removed the shackles of my earthly body.
I start a new journey at heavenly speed
Towards the unreachable.

Copyright © 2005 John A Raynard
February 22, 2005

Sunset Dancers

Painted from 'out of John's head'.  Perhaps from a movie or a book he'd seen or read years earlier.  Look carefully:  Can you detect the face on the leading man's chest?

Medium Acrylic

Size 21" x 28"

Price $600